DampGuard Bucket moisture absorber 1 kg


DAMPGUARD for moisture wicking indoor

Helps reduce allergens caused by any excess moisture, decrease condensation

Preserves Paints and Wallpapers

Prevent the appearance of mildew, deodorize

Air-drying to protect plants, furniture and household appliances from damage

Special safety cover combines water leakage or re-evaporation with natural moisture absorbing media

This package covers up to 50m2 space for 6 months, *Time and coverage changes depending on humidity level and temperatures

DampGuard Hanger moisture absorber
Pack of 3

  • TERMINATES EXCESSIVE MOISTURE – DampGuard is the revolutionary all-natural product that acts as an indoor dehumidifier which soaks up the excessive moisture and decreases the level of humidity in the air, preventing all forms of moisture, odor, and decay negative effects. It will keep your indoor space and belongings safe, dry, and protected.
  • DEFENDS AGAINST MOLD, MILDEW, AND FUNGUS – DampGuard is the protects your belonging and goods from negative effects of humidity and by absorbing the excess moisture in the room preventing mold, mildew, and fungus.
  • IMPROVE HEALTH & WELL BEING – DampGuard purifies the indoor air space improving your health by reducing or preventing the triggers that are caused by humidity which results in sinus headaches, migraine, respiratory allergies.
  • Simply place the hanger with the logo facing the room. To be used in small areas such as: small bedrooms, bathrooms, and closets.
  • Could last up to 45 days.
  • Pack covers 20m2 in summer and 40m2 in winter (*varies depending on temperature)